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By Eddie Stevenson

The New Breed Archery ECLIPSE
The New Breed Archery ECLIPSE
New Breed Archery

Fultondale, Ala.–( costly, it isn’t uncommon for shooters to own two bows, one for bowhunting and the other for the 3D or target range. And while each bow may perform in their respective area, neither can do it all. That is of course unless one of them happens to be the New Breed Archery ECLIPSE. In short, it was designed specifically to “do it all”.

For starters, with an IBO velocity up to 335 fps, the ECLIPSE carries enough speed to make errors in range estimation less costly whether on the line or in the field. But, unlike some bows, that speed doesn’t come with a reduction in shooter friendly qualities. In fact, the Eclipse is anything but challenging to shoot.

With a highly forgiving 7-inch brace height and an ultra-stable axle-to-axle length of 35 inches, the ECLIPSE is extremely accurate, easy to tune, forgiving after the shot and well balanced no matter what environment it is placed in. And, like other bows in the New Breed lineup, the ECLIPSE features a rock-solid back wall and is silky smooth to draw thanks to the Bionix 2.0 Cam System.

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