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By Tom Knighton

We routinely hear American anti-gun cities and states blame neighboring states for their own gun issues. Chicago, in particular, is notorious for trying to blame Indiana for their violence without ever explaining how Indiana isn’t a lot more violent.

Yet when you look at somewhere like the United Kingdom, you have to wonder where those guns are coming from. After all, they’re an island. Further, all the nations that have easy access to them also have very strict gun control laws in place. It’s not like Scotland is a gun rights paradise and criminals are just driving south with a trunkload (or should I say “bootload”?) of guns.

No, they get them some other way.

The sentencing of a UK man who was involved in smuggling guns and drugs provides some indication of just how British bad guys get their guns.

A man who fled the UK after drugs and guns were found at his house has been jailed for 14 years.

Police searched the house of Marius Supelis after a van had been stopped at the French border with guns and ammunition hidden inside, along with a TV and music speaker.

The van driver had told border officials that the items were …Read the Rest

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