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By Tom Knighton

When I first started driving, my father told me never to let a stranger get into my car. He didn’t need to tell me, though. It just sounded like a terrible idea.

These days, people make money doing just that. After all, what is Uber or Lyft other than a service that allows you to take strangers around town for money?

It still sounds like a bad idea, but I get why people do it. I like the concept and have friends who have made ends meet during lean times by driving for Uber, but the problem is that you don’t get to vet the people who are going to get into your car. There’s still a risk.

Then, to top it off, Uber has a no-gun policy.

Now, one driver who used his firearm to stop a driver who was out of control is worried about losing his gig with the rideshare service.

Uber driver credited with helping to stop an out-of-control driver on New Year’s Eve is worried that he might lose his job because he used a gun to stop the man.

Ian Kelley said an out-of-control pickup truck barreled past him on Islington Street in Portsmouth while he …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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