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By Robert Farago

“The U.S. military conducted a second wave of attacks on (parked) ISIS oil tankers in Syria on Sunday, Nov. 22, but the attack fell short of its goal,” reports. “They ran out of ammunition before they were able to do that. But the desire was to destroy every single truck there,” said Army Col. Steven Warren, the spokesman for the U.S.-led coaltion fighting ISIS. Despite the click bait headline (sorry), this isn’t what I’d call a scandal. As Col. Warren points out . . .

“It’s not a movie where you kind of fly along and just strafe, and you know, the trucks blow up. No, it’s — they struck each truck, or groups of two or three trucks. It is a machine gun, so there is a certain area aspect to it, right? You know, the gunfire isn’t laser guided…So it’s individual strike a truck, or two or three trucks; move to the next batch, strike them; move, strike; move, strike.”

Here’s the real scandal: the U.S. military is shooting-up oil trucks because the Obama Administration doesn’t want them to blow-up actual oil wells. Environmental destruction and all. …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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