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By Van Harl

Tyler Gun Works Ruger Bearcat Shopkeeper Revolver

By Major Van Harl
Join Van as we drool over this limited edition Tyler Gun Works Ruger Bearcat revolver.

Tyler Gun Works Ruger Bearcat Shopkeeper Revolver
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Wisconsin –-( By the time I got into the retail firearms business in 1976, right out of undergraduate school, Strum, Ruger & Co had already discontinued their manufacturing of the single action Bearcat 22 LR revolver.

Ruger had developed a transfer bar safety system for Ruger single action revolvers and from what I understood at the time, that system did not lend itself well to the Bearcat action.

Because of this, Bearcats were scarce and anytime someone came into the gun shop with a Ruger Bearcat we all stopped what we were doing and stood there and gawked wishfully. I called Frank Ehrenford the gun designer, now living in Wyoming, to reminisce about our days working together at the gun shop and I brought up the topic of the Bearcat.

He immediately told me “every little kid in this country over the age of nine should be given a Ruger Bearcat and taught the fundamentals of handgun shooting using that excellent revolver.”

He reminded me of an older customer …Read the Rest

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