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By Justin Stakes

Arizona Game and Fish Department

Other people feeding wildlife believed to be cause

Arizona Game and Fish Department

Kingman, AZ -( The message has been clear and concise: stop feeding wildlife.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has been informing people for years about the dangers of feeding wildlife. Last week, Mohave County Parks reported that two youths suffered minor injuries that likely were the result of elk seeking human food.

The encounter, which took place in Hualapai Mountain Park, involved a family at a picnic table. A group of elk approached the family and encircled the table. The two youths, a boy and girl, were injured by the hooves. The girl suffered a bloody nose and minor injuries to the forehead and lower leg, while the boy suffered a bump to the forehead.

“They were not feeding the animals, but this encounter was clearly the result of past behaviors of the public,” said Zen Mocarski, information and education program manager for the department’s regional office in Kingman.

“The family tried to keep the table between themselves and the elk, but the elk continued to move around the family,” said Brandon Oktay, park superintendent. “The park is a place to visit and enjoy, and I’m disappointed this family had to …read more

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