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The following is a release from Gary Sheftick and the U.S. Army:

Two Army organizations that have been teaming up to provide warfighters with innovations downrange are now looking to prevent a threat from the proliferation of small unmanned aerial systems, or UASs.

The Rapid Equipping Force, or REF, on Fort Belvoir, Va., has been partnering for a while with the Asymmetric Warfare Group, or AWG, on Fort Meade, Md., to help units fill capability gaps in Afghanistan, South Korea and elsewhere.

They came up with the man-portable line charge to help Soldiers clear fields of improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, in Afghanistan. Together they studied caves like the tunnels of North Korea and Gaza to come up with tactics and techniques for subterranean operations.

Now, they’re looking at threats from above.

Thousands of small, low-tech drones are being launched worldwide by a growing number of nations and non-state actors who could challenge U.S. interests, said Col. Steven Sliwa, director of the REF.


“The enemy is using these small systems,” said Lt. Col. Stephen Lee, AWG Concepts Integration Squadron commander.

In Ukraine, Russian separatists are using quad copters and other small UAS primarily for intelligence, …Read the Rest

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