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By Ammoland

Stacy Washington

By Mark Walters
Editors Note: AmmoLand News welcomes Mark Walters to our growing list of the best and brightest gun rights commentators, who are watching out for your RKBA.

Stacy Washington banned by St Louis Dispatch.
Mark Walters
Mark Walters

USA – -( First, today is supposed to be a fun day. It’s my birthday, and even though I am now old enough to get a discount at Denny’s and IHOP, I tried hard not to get agitated today.

That lasted as long as it took me to read the following story on Fox News this morning shortly after waking up and before I had grabbed a cup of coffee: Daily Newspaper Columnist Who Defended NRA Quits After Suspension. The columnist, Stacy Washington is an avid supporter of gun rights and a rare conservative voice in the “mainstream media.”

Apparently, her former employer, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch didn’t take kindly to her defending the NRA from baseless and over the top attacks from an anti-rights bigot, retired professor (imagine that) named George Kennedy penning in an unpaid column that the NRA (gun owners) are more dangerous …Read the Rest

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