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By Brandon Curtis

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A city with a history of violent crime would have some call for stricter gun control, as we’d call for more responsibly-armed citizens.

Here, we have two stories with two very different outcomes. The first shows a man who was unarmed;

[…] a 27-year-old man was entering his home when he was approached on foot by two men. The area is north of Harper and east of East Outer Drive.

The Whitehill resident was robbed and then shot in the left thigh before the suspects fled.


The victim here is unarmed and at the mercy of the two armed men. There’s not much that anyone can do while they’re alone and up against two people with at least one gun.

Moving on, another incident happened just 90 minutes before the one above, but the outcome was much different;

[…] a 27-year-old man was approached by a 24-year-old man, said Dontae Freeman, a spokesman for the Detroit Police Department. The area is just west of Lahser. A conversation between the two became a physical fight and a third man also became involved in the fight.

At that point the …Read the Rest

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