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By Christen Smith

Two gun control bills awaiting action in the Nevada Assembly died Friday as the Legislature’s second policy committee deadline came and went.
Senate Bills 115 and 387 stalled in the Assembly Judiciary Committee after two separate hearings on the proposals earlier this month produced a barrage of opposition and no appetite from lawmakers for a vote.
SB 115 — a joint effort co-sponsored by Clark County Democrats Sen. Moises Denis and Assemblywoman Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod — would have authorized libraries to preempt state law and ban weapons outright, an exemption so far only given to schools, colleges and daycares.
Denis and Bilbray-Axelrod served as library trustees before becoming state lawmakers and both agreed libraries function as “extensions of the education establishment.”
The bill passed the Senate in March on a vote of 12-9, despite objections from Republicans who feared the proposal turned libraries into magnets for criminal activity. Other opponents criticized the bill’s language for failing to carve out an exception for parking lots.
Denis amended a fix for the parking lot issue into the bill for the Assembly Judiciary Committee’s May 11 hearing.
His proposal arrived one year after a high-profile lawsuit involving a woman who openly-carried a .38-caliber revolver while visiting a library in Las


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