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By George

Courtesy of HYPELINE

Courtesy of HYPELINE

HYPELINEA naked man who jumped into the big cat enclosure at a Chilean zoo in a desperate ‘suicide bid’ survived – but only after the lions attacking him were shot dead.

Santiago authorities confirmed the two beasts were killed as they mauled the 20-year-old who had broken into their compound early on Saturday.

Authorities even accidentally hit the man with a tranquilizer dart as they frantically attempted to tranquilize the lions to keep all parties alive.

He was taken to a nearby hospital and is said to be in “grave” condition.

The director of the Metropolitan Zoo Alejandra Montalba said the park was full of visitors at the time of the incident.

This just pisses me off. A naked idiot tried to kill himself by jumping into a lion exhibit and the two lions granting his wish are killed? They should have shot the guy, or turned a blind eye.

Don’t mistake me for a bleeding heart crying for the fair treatment of Cecil. I love trophy hunting and believe that it is crucial to participating villages. What I don’t love two big cats getting “put-down” for doing what they were made to do. If it wasn’t for the lions getting …Read the Rest

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