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By Justin Stakes

Hilarious Hunting & Fishing Cartoons - By John Troy; Foreword by Nick Lyons
Hilarious Hunting & Fishing Cartoons – By John Troy; Foreword by Nick Lyons :
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USA -( Any angler who has ever been out-fished by a beginner with a twig and some twine or hunter who wished that his hunting dog had paid more attention in obedience school will enjoy this hugely delightful collection, gathered together in this wonderful boxed set.

Hilarious Hunting & Fishing Cartoons (Skyhorse Publishing; October 20, 2015; ISBN 978-1-63450-313-6) pokes fun at every kind of angling and hunting absurdity. Tiers struggling to maneuver microscopic flies; bass fishermen who catch more boots than bass; weekenders loaded down with every gizmo and piece of tackle in the shop; and fanatical freezing ice fishermen doomed to drill and not grill are all represented.

Troy’s pen is deft and clever, and his one-liners are truly side-splitting. The next time your line gets so tangled you’re ready to curse or you get so confounded by a squirrel you swear to quit hunting forever, remember these cartoons and you may just find yourself chuckling instead.

Hilarious Hunting & Fishing Cartoons will delight both novice and experienced hunters and will make an excellent gift for yourself or a passionate hunter or angler you know.

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