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By James England

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA — When two illegally armed criminals got into a shoot-out at a public fireworks event, two legally armed bystanders stepped in. In a crowded environment along the Riverwalk in Augusta, Georgia, shots rang out even as the fireworks finale was finishing up. The first criminal, just released from prison last year, was hit in the face and leg.

Two fast-thinking bystanders quickly stepped in. One bystander tackled the injured criminal and a concealed carrier opened fire on the second. The second criminal may have been hit but fled the scene before any could identify him.

As for the crook who got hit in the face, his gun was traced back to a stolen firearm in South Carolina. So the argument that “thugs can’t get their hands on guns” goes right out the window.

The second one is believed to have dropped his gun but it was later recovered by a citizen.

The two good guys were admonished for their actions but the Richmond County Sheriff had a strongly worded warning for others who may consider such actions.

via the Augusta Chronicle

“Anytime you engage in a dangerous situation, there are consequences. Fortunately in this particular case, no one else was injured, and …Read the Rest

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