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By Jenn Jacques

You can’t make this stuff up, kids.

WUSA, a CBS affiliate station in Washington, D.C., cunningly credited a herd of brave bovine for helping deputies catch a suspected armed carjacker in Berryville, VA. before mentioning the law-abiding citizens who had armed themselves after hearing of the suspect’s proximity to their farm.

Cows, farmers help catch suspected armed carjacker in Va.

— WUSA9 (@wusa9) July 19, 2017

After the Clarke County Sheriff warned Brian Morgan that an “armed and dangerous” suspect, who allegedly carjacked a Loudoun County deputy at gunpoint, had been spotted coming out of the woods at the edge of the Warfield’s farm, Morgan felt compelled to arm himself ‘just in case’.

“I had made a joke,” Morgan said. “I was like, maybe I ought to bring that gun just in case he’s in our backyard.”

Wayne Warfield, along with his brother Shannon and an armed Morgan, were out on the farm around 8 AM when they noticed something was bothering the bovine.

“The cows know something down there that they don’t like. The cows dart into the woods with all their little calves. It was quite the ruckus,” Wayne said.

WUSA reports:

Four hours earlier, a …Read the Rest

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