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By Donald J. Mihalek

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“A San Francisco cop who had a personal gun stolen from his car several weeks ago is reportedly ‘devastated’ after learning that it was used in a gang-related murder just days later,” read the first line of an article in a Bay Area newspaper in September of 2017.


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The article went on to say, “‘A few weeks ago, a vehicle belonging to an SFPD officer was burglarized, and the officer’s personal firearm was stolen, unbeknownst to him,’ explained San Francisco Police Officers’ Association President Martin Halloran … ‘Days after the burglary, that firearm was used in a gang-related homicide.’”

This is a situation no law enforcement officer would ever want to experience. Unfortunately, a cop having a gun stolen from a car—even a police car—is not an uncommon situation. A quick search of the internet will reveal multiple stories, most with terrible results.

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In California, a news organization reported that 944 guns had been stolen from or lost by Bay Area police officers and federal and …Read the Rest

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