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By Ammoland

Tucson, AZ

By Andrew Scott

Tucson, AZ
A&A Ammunition
A&A Ammunition

Tucson, AZ -( Tonight (September 9th 2015) the members of the Tucson City Council took a vote.

It was a very interesting vote in that it could go down in history as one of the dumbest and most pointless votes in the history of my hometown.

And it was unanimous.
Yes, tonight the 7 members of the city council (all Democrats), including the Mayor and Vice Mayor, voted tonight to “support gun control legislation.” If you read that carefully, you’ll see why that’s so inherently insane. The City Council is our legislative body. It is their job to pass legislation. Tonight, they took an official vote not to pass gun control legislation, or any legislation at all, but to “support” it.

Maybe next they’ll pass a law that says they “support” our failing schools or our crumbling roads, but not actually do anything about it, because they have no spine.

Now I don’t want you to take that analogy as me wanting further gun control legislation; I absolutely do not. However, I feel that if you’re in political office and you want to take …read more

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