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By Dan Zimmerman


You’ve made it past the 4th of July. You still have two sad dried-out hamburger patties and half a bowl of congealing potato salad in the fridge and you’ve already seen three back-to-school ads on the tube. But don’t fret! Summer can’t ever end until we’ve given away a gun to the winner of TTAG’s annual summer content contest. This year, that beautiful boomstick is a Henry Lever Action Octagon Frontier Model in .22LR courtesy Henry Repeating Rifles. But wait! There’s more! . . .

Because we love our readers, we also have a second place prize this year – a box of 250 Winchester 50th Anniversary AA shot shells (1 1/8oz. #8s, to be exact) courtesy Winchester Ammunition.

We know what you’re wondering: “What do I have to do to earn one of these fabulous prizes?” Simple. Sit down at your computer. Stoke up a Liga Privada No. 9. Peer through the hazy blue smoke and pour yourself a couple of fingers of Walking Stick bourbon. Once you’re settled in, creative juices flowing, put fingers to keyboard and write something. Anything really (as long as it’s gun-related). It can be a gun review, an …read more

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