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By Nick Leghorn

The Range at Austin

Today marks the start of my last week at Rackspace Hosting. Writing for the biggest firearms related publication in the world has its perks, but a 401k and health insurance aren’t part of the package. [ED: Yet.] The dream has always been to work in the firearms industry, turning my passion for guns into a full-time job that pays the bills. With The Range at Austin I’ve finally found an opportunity to use my IT skills and firearms expertise to help develop the greatest indoor range and gun store in the world — and I’ll be showing you the process of building the range from start to finish. Here’s a taste . . .

The Austin, Texas area is definitely lacking in range options. There are a couple indoor operations within driving distance. While they’re serviceable for occasional practice they’re less than ideal and the experience can be so much better.

There have been a few so-called “guntry club” facilities popping up around the United States bringing the indoor shooting experience into the 21st century. They’ve improved the ambiance and the quality of the facilities, but there’s still much that can be done from a technological standpoint to take things even …Read the Rest

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