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By Dan Zimmerman


My current EDC is a 9mm SIG P320 in a Safariland ALS holster. I chose the P320 for a variety of reasons. First, and most importantly, I am left handed. My requirement for a carry gun is that I am able to operate all the controls easily one-handed, which immediately cuts out 80% of the current handgun market. So, after narrowing down the field and looking at my options I decided the absolute best handgun for me would be…. a Walther PPQ! You probably didn’t see that one coming . . .

No, that isn’t a typo. The PPQ is still my favorite gun and I did carry one for awhile, but I realized something about my Bavarian buddy: Walthers are kinda hard to find and relatively expensive. If something were to happen to my PPQ (lost, stolen, confiscated, damaged) it would be a real pain financially and logistically to replace it.

Right about this time the P320 became available. It had every feature the PPQ had, but unlike the Walther they were relatively inexpensive and every freaking gun store in town was full of them. A bonus was the fact that I could change its …Read the Rest

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