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By Dan Zimmerman


I’ve been into guns for as long as I can remember, and why not? The history. The beauty. The mechanical innovation, customization. The fun and most importantly, the protection. I needed a gun to accompany me on my travels as a truck driver, that meant it had three basic requirements to go alongside me: 1) it has to be compact, 2) it has to be lightweight, and 3) it has to be reliable . . .

Conceilability is important because my Michigan permit is good in about forty states, but several frown upon open carry and printing (places like Texas and Florida) so a tiny gun that completely disappears in a pocket is a must. Lightweight was easy. When you are driving for 11 hours a day, heavy guns tend to drag your pants around, slowly helped by the bumps of the road. That can make you very uncomfortable. As for reliability, if you can’t get a gun to shoot reliably then it’s a gun not worth carrying.

The Ruger LCP is a sexy little pocket pistol is a semi automatic .380 designed for the deep concealed carry crowd. It suits my needs well, I can slip it into …Read the Rest

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