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By Dan Zimmerman


Lacking any sort of creativity or desire to be special, I carry a GLOCK 19 Gen4 with XS Big Dot sights, because I’m not messing with what works. It doesn’t have anything else done to it except a trigger polish job I did myself. It rides in a StealthGear Onyx IWB at the 3:30 position, and I can’t accurately relate just how comfortable that holster is. Sure, it’s relatively expensive, but buy once, cry once, right? This time, it paid off. When I started, it was a Taurus PT740 + Crimson Trace in a Remora. I got what was at the time a really good deal on it, and to its credit, that little gun never missed a beat or failed to do anything I told it to . . .

I kind of fell into carrying the G19, and specifically the Gen4 version after I realized that I could easily get away with carrying something larger than the Taurus, even here in Florida in the summer, so long as I could get my hand around it well. The Gen3 GLOCKs are just a little big for a proper grip for me, …Read the Rest

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