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By Dan Zimmerman


My EDC is a GLOCK 26 Gen3. I bought a few years ago from a local cop who was ready to upgrade to a Gen4. As you’ll see from the photo, he had made three minor modifications to it: (1) heavily stippled, (2) extended mag release, and (3) aftermarket external safety. The first two mods aren’t uncommon, but an external safety, you exclaim? On a GLOCK? Well, there’s a method to my madness for keeping it . . .

You see, I pocket carry almost exclusively (using the pictured Desantis Superfly). At my day job, I’m almost always wearing slacks and a tucked-in dress shirt. Even when I wear a suit, most of the time I lose the jacket at the door. (When a jacket is typically required e.g., going to the courthouse), the question is usually moot as I have to disarm anyway.) As a result, for me IWB or OWB is right out most of the time, and even after Texas legalizes open carry in January, I’ll probably stick to my usual routine.

While I always use a holster and religiously follow the rule that “nothing goes in the pocket with the gun except …Read the Rest

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