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By Dan Zimmerman

Josh wayner glock 19

I’ve been in the gun industry in one form or another now for my entire adult life. I’ve managed stores and ran a pretty neat custom shop. I did some tests and helped tell the general public about the myths around rifle barrel length. I’ve won medals at Camp Perry and have had access to nearly every weapon available on the market today. Thing is, there’s only one handgun that I carry with confidence – GLOCK’s Model 19 Gen 4. And here’s why . . .

I’ve fired so many rounds that I’ve literally lost count. I don’t consider a gun to be worth a damn until round 5000 has been fired. No joke. That little 13.5” .308 in my other articles has seen north of 7,000 rounds and is still capable of 1⁄4 MOA accuracy. I just like to get to know my gear. My G19 has seen over 10,000 rounds. That’s a lot for a carry gun, but I like to shoot. In all that time, I’ve had exactly zero malfunctions. Beretta? Springfield? Kimber? Nah. Those all have one problem apart from the constant reliability issues: they aren’t GLOCKs.

I’ve owned pistols from nearly every manufacturer, but the …Read the Rest

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