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By Dan Zimmerman


Like many others on this site, I have more than one tool in my tool box that can fill the role of daily carry piece. Currently, I have two options available (my wife’s LC9s not included). A Smith & Wesson Performance Center 637, and a Taurus TCP . . .

I have carried daily since December 2012, starting with an older model Taurus 85 steel frame revolver. It was a little on the heavy side for pocket carry (my preferred method of concealment), but I managed. It only took about six months before I had to have something better. So, I sold my perfectly good carry gun to buy a Kel-Tec PF9. The lesson I learned from this transaction is…never sell a reliable carry gun. EVER.

I did manage to make the PF9 reliable after the fluff and buff treatment most Kel-Tec owners recommend, but my confidence in the little 9mm was, well, shot. I started saving for a Smith Airweight, but a close friend needed some quick cash and offered to sell me his almost-brand-new and perfectly reliable Taurus TCP, so I decided to help him out.

It turned out to be an amazing cary piece! …Read the Rest

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