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By Dan Zimmerman

My Glock 19.jpeg

Yakima, Washington 2011. Up to that point I had primarily carried a GLOCK 26. It held 10+1 and the chance of ever needing more than that was about as likely as my credit score increasing without first getting married. It was small, compact, easy to conceal and I shot it fairly well. Coming from a family rich in military tradition, I was always enamored with 1911’s from a young age, but I also remember struggling with them as well. I had grown up in Northern California before moving to Hawaii for 10 years so my experience with firearms had been limited to say the least. Eventually, I ended up in Arizona (2005) and that’s where the fun began . . .

Enjoying my new found firearm freedom, I spent several weeks test firing several makes and models before eventually settling on the G26. Scottsdale Gun Club became my second home as I began my reintroduction to firearms. I carried it daily. Sometimes OWB, sometimes concealed and many times open. I never felt “under-gunned” and I was perfectly content with my choice of protection.

Fast forward to 2011. I’m was Yakima, Washington for a Magpul Precision Rifle Course. My vehicle had snapped a …Read the Rest

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