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By Dan Zimmerman


Another GLOCK 19. Yeah I know, neither the most interesting, nor the most original firearm to carry, but then interesting and original are not luxuries that I can afford. You see, I live in South Africa, where our government doesn’t acknowledge our right to keep and bear arms. We can still, however, own certain firearms, provided we have the correct paperwork and permissions . . .

That’s where things get tricky. It’s not impossible to own more than a few guns, but generally a person can only own one gun for self-defense. Any more guns need to be registered as either hunting or recreational firearms, and then only four guns can be owned in total. Under certain conditions more than four guns can be owned, but for most people a single weapon for self-defense is the realistic maximum. These factors coupled with the budget of a college student make a G19 the perfect gun.

I need a gun that I can carry concealed, take to the range as a plinker, and then use as a home defense weapon. Ammo, parts and accessories need to be available and relatively affordable. This last criterion is especially important. Where I live, gun shops are few …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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