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By Dan Zimmerman


The Smith & Wesson M&P9 was the very first handgun I ever purchased. I had just received my permit to carry here in Minnesota and the M&P was one of the few guns I had shot prior to obtaining my permit and I’d liked it, so it seemed like a good idea. I saved up for several months and then came the glorious moment of buying my first handgun. It was euphoria at it’s utmost. After I came down off the mountain of bliss, I actually had to figure out how to carry the thing . . .

I orginally opted to go for a BLACKHAWK! Serpa Rention Holster OWB. It’s a great holster that I still own, but after having to constantly throw on an outer garment to cover it up (my wonderful wife hates when I print, and will often remark with great concern, “Your gun is showing!”), I got sick of lugging a full-size pistol and started the search for something smaller.
I longed for a more concealable gun. That started my year-long phase of being obsessed with slim, single stack pistols. I went out and bought a Bodygaurd .380 for pocket carry. …Read the Rest

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