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By Dan Zimmerman


I’m relatively new to the concealed carry routine. A few random violent encounters in the District of Columbia turned me on to guns and concealed carry. While I don’t exercise my rights in the aforementioned gun-free zone, I tote at least one gun in the freer states of the union. The Smith & Wesson 642 has been receiving a lot of love on this blog and it’s about to receive just a little more . . .

It’s simple to use and just plain easy to carry. For a short trip to the convenience store or jaunt around the block with the dog, there’s nothing better in my opinion. The gun’s diminutive proportions also make it easy to stow in a lockbox under my driver’s seat should I need to venture into smaller, more isolated, non-governmental gun-free zones…unlike the aforementioned one. Speer Gold Dot 38 +P short barrel are my go-to rounds and I carry a few extras on speed strips in a Tuff pouch (a neat little product, I high recommend it for J-frame users).

With the weather turning in my northern Virginia habitat I decided to run a little experiment…carry a second, larger gun. …Read the Rest

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