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By Dan Zimmerman


I carry and don’t give a crap about the specs of what I or anyone else is carrying.* The only questions that matter are:

1. Is your carry gun reliable?
I shoot my carry gun, using my carry holster, in competition (IDPA). I don’t shoot for score, I shoot to maintain proficiency. I don’t clean my carry gun before a competition, because it needs to work, even after a month or two of carrying concealed. This leads to question 2 . . .

2. Are you proficient with your carry gun?
It’s all well and good to talk about the weight of your firearm and the ballistics of the round being shot, but in the end, the ability to put rounds on target is what matters. If you can put six in the 10-ring with a .22 and miss six out of six shooting a 9mm, which is the better carry option?

3. Do you carry all the time?
One can’t choose when one will run into trouble. Either you take the responsibility seriously and carry at all times – except as proscribed by law – or you don’t. There is no “swagger” factor for conceal carry. Carrying is deadly serious business and the assumed responsibility …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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