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By Dan Zimmerman


I’ve always been somewhat of a generalist. A jack of all trades, though perhaps a master of none. My rifle of choice reflects that sentiment: the versatile Marlin 1894C in .357 Magnum. With .38 wad cutters it can take squirrels cleanly and with Buffalo Bore 180 hardcasts a black bear (the biggest baddie in Missouri, unless you count cougars) would have a bad day. So when searching for my ideal carry pistol one would think I would go with revolver to match the rifle . . .

Well, I have a S&W Model 19 for that, so I decided on an autoloader. I also wanted to try IDPA competition in addition to concealed carry. Off to the LGS to try on a few. GLOCK had the reputation, but was too blocky. Taurus just didn’t fit. Kahr was excellent, but not enough capacity for IDPA (this was pre-CCP class). Others were fondled and put back. Then, I picked up the then-new Ruger SR9c. Yes, this one was just right. Though a California Special, with more safeties than an infant car seat, the grip was comfy and it pointed so naturally that she went home with me.

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