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By Robert Farago


TTAG reader RW writes:

Brave New Films has been very active on social media lately, promoting their pro-gun control videos. They contradict themselves repeatedly by presenting gun show numbers that are different on their facts page and posts, and many of their facts come from the Everytown group which you all regularly rebut, debunk, and correct. “Women are 500% more likely to be killed if their abuser has a gun.” One quote in particular caught my notice . . .

I belong organizations that engage in fundraising on behalf of victims of violence and take such things very seriously. The true information on this and any other peripheral information is important to me as a female gun owner who cares about self-defense, violence avoidance when possible, and assistance for victims when violence can’t be avoided.

This site which I have always believed to be relatively well researched and balanced in presentation rarely mentions weapons of any kind other than this article, which states that men are much more likely to be threatened with deadly weapons than their female counterparts in domestic violence situations.

This link is the supposed source of the 500% quote above. Clicking through I found …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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