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By Ammoland

Open Carry
Truth About Open Carry – Erroneous Claims Expose
Unified Sportsmen Of Florida

Florida –-( Many folks remember that during the fight to pass Florida’s Concealed Carry law, the Florida Sheriffs Association opposed concealed carry.

They literally said they didn’t like “hidden guns.”

At the time, open carry was legal in Florida and had been for decades. They said if people were going to be allowed to carry guns, they needed to carry them openly so law enforcement officers could see them and know who had guns — they claimed it was a matter of officer safety.

Now, they have reversed positions.

They claim concealed carry is fine and they don’t mind concealed guns. BUT, open carry is dangerous. They claim they won’t know the goods guys from the bad guys, and one sheriff (now retired) said law enforcement would have to “draw down” and anybody carrying openly. You’ve probably heard or read most of the rhetoric.

They always lead off saying they are strong Second Amendment supporters, then proceed to explain why they OPPOSE Second Amendment rights.

The Constitution guarantees your right to keep and bear arms and it certainly doesn’t say you can only exercise your rights if your sheriffs agrees with it.

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