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By Ammoland


By John Crump

Trump Shaming Conservatives Must Stop, Smash the Left
John Crump
John Crump

U.S.A.-( Trump winning the election in an electoral landslide came as a surprise to all the talking head pundits on the 24 hour news channels.

They wondered among themselves about how the polls could be so wrong. Donald Trump never had the lead in the polls. In their bubble Trump supports were far and few between. He was a joke to them.

When the so called “Blue Wall” crumbled they searched for the missing votes, but there was none to found.

This result even shocked me, but there were those among us who were not surprised. One of these people was Bob who is a Vietnam veteran and a massive Trump supporter. He always insisted that there was some hidden bastain of conservatives and libertarians just waiting to rise up. I wasn’t so confident. A few days after the election I ran into Bob. With a big smile on his face he said, “See! I told you they were out there, and it was great!”

I think Bob was partially right. I don’t think there was …Read the Rest

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