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By Dean Weingarten

Trump Era NICS on Track to Second-Highest Year Ever

Arizona -( When President Trump took office 10 months ago, the bottom was supposed to drop out of the firearms market. It did not happen.

We have the numbers for the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) for the first eleven months of 2017.

They are on track to be the second highest year on record. It is hard to see how they can miss that mark.

December has been the highest month of the year for eight out of nine years. In two anomalous years, 2013, and 2014, it was the fourth highest and second highest month, respectively.

November of 2017 had 2,382,788 NICS checks. It was the second highest November on record. The total number of NICS checks for the year is now 22,649,077.

If there were no NICS checks in December, that would be the third highest year on record.

The second highest year was 2015, with 23,141,970 checks. 2017 only requires 492,893 checks to become the second highest year.

No full month, since the NICS started to maintain records in 1998, has ever been that low. June of 2002 was the lowest month on record. There were only 518,351 checks …Read the Rest

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