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By Tom Knighton

There are strict laws on firearm exports, and that makes sense. After all, we don’t want people selling guns to folks who turn out to be members of ISIS, for example. While I’m sure no American gun company would do so willingly, it’s hard to do due diligence half a world away, even in this highly connected day and age.

However, sometimes the burdens get to be a little much.

Now, President Trump is easing those regulations, and folks are less than pleased.

American gun manufacturers and their allies have pressed the federal government for years to change the way it regulates small-arms exports in an effort to ease restrictions, boost gun sales abroad and lower costs at home. The Trump administration appears to be on the brink of delivering.

Officials from the State and Commerce Departments — the two entities tasked with regulating arms sales internationally — privately told Congress this week that they intend to finalize rules next week that would shuffle which agency oversees most consumer gun exports, relaxing export regulations and oversight, according to congressional aides familiar with the plans. Once Congress receives formal notification of the rule change, lawmakers will have 30 days to decide whether …Read the Rest

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