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True Aim Targets RIG 6
True Aim Targets RIG 6
True Aim Targets
True Aim Targets

USA – -( On August 19th, 2017, True Aim Targets introduced the world to their first responsive shooting target system: The RIG 6. Loaded with sensors, wireless technology, and software, this machine isn’t your average shooting target. It’s smarter.

The creator of the RIG 6, Jeff Coppi, graduated from Cal Poly Pomona as a mechanical engineer with an emphasis in robotics. Automation had been a long-term passion which finally inspired the RIG 6. Back in 2011, the first prototypes were built and tested. Long hours and large contracts at work made progress slow, but he continued developing the system on nights and weekends when possible.

Starting in November of 2016, he and his wife Heather began working on the system full-time. Friends and family rallied around the project, and nine months later, True Aim Targets has a fully functioning target system.

What’s so special about the True Aim Targets RIG 6?

The RIG 6 is a fully automated, wireless, app-controlled, interactive target system programmed for a variety of games and training scenarios. When fully developed, shooters can even compare their scores with others all over the country, and later all …Read the Rest

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