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By Jenn Jacques

Anyone who follows Trucker Norm on Twitter knows he doesn’t hold anything back and his latest video is no exception.

In today’s topsy-turvy political world where ‘tolerant liberals’ are shooting and hunting for GOP members, Hollywood is advocating for the assassination of the president, and cable news sources compare Donald Trump to ‘suicide bombers’ while they simultaneously advocate ending gun violence while blaming conservative gun owners for everything from terrorist attacks to criminal gun violence in Chicago – it’s worth noting that their political correctness has given way to the progressive agenda.

We’re no longer respectfully discussing the details or legality of how today’s issues pertain to the U.S. Constitution, we’re trying to rationalize with people who have no interest in what our rights are as American citizens or the consequences we, as citizens, would face if we submit to the utopian dreamland they feel America should be today.

“If freedom and liberty were left to liberals, we’d all be slaves,” Norm said.

The candid trucker also made a bold statement that resonated with many conservatives, claiming, “If I practiced tolerance the same way that liberals do with people who disagree with them, there wouldn’t be any liberals left in America.”

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Source:: Bearing Arms

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