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By Micah Rate

New information has come out about the mass shooter who seriously wounded three people at his place of employment, and who was ultimately shot and killed by police, in Middleton, Wis. on Wednesday.

According to a report from the Miluawakee Journal Sentinel, the shooter, whose name will not appear in this article, has a history of mental health issues. While living in South Dakota in 2004, Sioux Falls police visited the man, where they found him to be “delusional” and “paranoid.” The shooter at the time was armed and had dismantled fire alarms in his home because he thought his neighbors were listening to him.

Here’s more from the Miluawakee Journal Sentinel.

Sioux Falls Police Department officers were called to [the shooter’s] apartment building in August 2004 after an alarm company alerted his landlord that [he] had disabled a fire alarm in his apartment, according to Minnehaha County, South Dakota Sheriff’s Department records.

Police found [he] had disabled smoke alarms, ceiling lights, ceiling fans and anything attached to a wall or ceiling that was powered by electricity. [The shooter] said he had disabled everything because “people in the apartment below him were eavesdropping on him.”

Police said [the shooter] …Read the Rest

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