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By Daniel Terrill

From Thursday to Sunday last week, thousands gathered in Bellevue, Washington to see the latest the tactical arms industry has to offer. More than 100 companies attended TriggrCon 2018 to showcase products ranging from new AR platforms to niche shotguns to specialized accessories.
TriggrCon’s founder and organizer, John Hwang, said he created the event four years ago as a way to meet with customers, but as the show expanded so did its mission. Now, he wants to provide time and space for companies to conduct business and for fans to meet the people behind their favorite brands.
“This is an invite only type of show. Instead of bringing every guy who sells beef jerky and dog products, we’re very specific in what kind of people and what kind of manufacturers we bring to the show,” Hwang said. “So we want to create that very unique experience that’s very catered to what all the enthusiasts really love.”
Hwang sees TriggrCon as filling a gap between industry shows scheduled at the beginning and end of the calendar year, but he also wants to give smaller companies a chance to publicize new products. At larger shows it can be more difficult since they have to compete


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