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By Jacki Billings

Custom guns and parts add pizazz to carry guns. (Photos, clockwise: Lone Wolf Distributors, Faxon Firearms, John Hart/ Glockstore, and Trident Defense)
The millennial generation has brought with it a variety of cultural trends that have meandered their way from mainstream consumerism into the gun culture. One of those trends, that of customization, is taking the gun world by storm. Casting aside the ordinary that is a stock firearm, more and more modern gun owners are turning to custom parts, accessories and packages to make their carry guns unique.
Zack Carlson, Special Projects Manager with Lone Wolf Distributors, told that the aftermarket accessory realm is doing tremendously well as more gun owners look to trick out guns with specialized parts that make shooting a more pleasurable experience.
“Customizing a carry gun makes it more shootable and better conforming to the individual user’s needs. A stock gun is designed to work okay for large groups of people, but a customized gun is designed to work great for you,” Carlson said.
Beyond just improving the mechanics of the firearm, gun owners also want something meaningful and personal to them. Curt Staubach of Faxon Firearms explained that for some gun owners it comes down to exhibiting


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