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By Brian Seay

From left to right, Ryan Bundy, Cliven Bundy and Ammon Bundy. (Photo: Associated Press)
The trial of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his two sons has again been delayed, this time for at least a week, after it was revealed that the FBI had a camera pointed at the Bundy Ranch.
U.S District Judge Gloria Navarro says that during the delay, she’ll consider whether the defendants should still be detained, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
The trial of Cliven Bundy, his two sons Ryan and Ammon, and a fourth defendant, Ryan Payne, was set to begin at the beginning of October, but was delayed in the wake of the massacre in Las Vegas that left 58 people dead and hundreds more injured. The trial was rescheduled and was set to start Tuesday. But on Friday, Ryan Bundy, who’s representing himself, questioned a park ranger during a pretrial hearing about a “mysterious device” he saw near the Bundy Ranch. That park ranger testified that it was an FBI camera.
On Tuesday, Acting U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre told Navarro that the camera was pointed at the Bundy Ranch for a few hours earlier this year before it was knocked over, damaged, and never used again.


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