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By Tom Knighton

Trayvon Martin has become a martyr for millions of Americans. In particular, to those who are too lazy to look up the details of the case against George Zimmerman and to see just why he walked. They won’t see the concrete cracked from where Zimmerman’s head was repeatedly bashed into the sidewalk, an act that could easily have been fatal. They won’t see that Martin’s decision to confront Zimmerman wasn’t limited to questioning the fact that Martin was being followed, but included a decision to hurt another person.

No, Trayvon Martin continues to be held up as a good boy who was simply gunned down by an overzealous and racist white person–nevermind that Zimmerman has just as much white blood as President Obama–and is a poster child for some supposed racially motivated genocide.

Yes, someone really is pushing that. Not just any someone, either. This comes from an attorney who represented Martin’s family and who is continuing to push both a false narrative of what happened and a complete misrepresentation of self-defense laws in this country.

Ben Crump paints a chilling picture in his new book of how black and brown people in this country are often killed by …Read the Rest

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