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By Brandon Curtis

Times are fun, indeed.

We’ve heard of cases in JFK where people, simply switching planes in the airport, have been arrested because they had a handgun in their checked baggage.

This week is the first time I’ll be having a layover in New Jersey, however, and they aren’t a very gun friendly place either.

So, on the phone I got and first spoke with the Port Authority Police at the airport. Here’s a paraphrase of how the conversation went;

Call to Port Authority Police

Me: I am traveling from FL to NY, and have a layover in NJ. I will have a handgun in my checked bag, and will never have contact with it while in NJ. I do not have a NJ concealed carry permit. Is this breaking any laws in your state?

Port Authority Police: You mean you’re traveling to NY through NJ? You’ll need a NJ concealed carry permit to have the handgun.

Me: Yes, but I am flying in to Newark and then from there am flying to NY. So yes, I’ll be traveling in NJ, but my handgun will remain with the airline until I arrive in NY.

Port Authority Police: Ah, ok. So you’re traveling with a handgun in your checked baggage. …Read the Rest

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