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By Eve Flanigan

Shooting shoulder-to-shoulder in 2PAD from Personal Defense Network. (Photo: Rob Pincus)
This summer, I had the opportunity to participate in two courses provided by the Personal Defense Network (PDN), conducted by PDN CEO Rob Pincus. In this installation, I recount a day spent in the Two Person Armed Defense (2PAD) course.
Other partner/team training I’ve experienced borrowed heavily from SWAT-style techniques of navigating indoor spaces in the interest of seeking cover or protecting a weaker family member. 2PAD was nothing like those classes. It’s uniquely PDN, and crafted for civilians.
The basic Combat Focus pistol class is a prerequisite of this course, on paper at least. With a partner who’s been trained in Combat Focus shooting, I had the chance to hear about the techniques as related to me and incorporate them into my own practice for a few years. It was unclear if I’d even be admitted to this class without having taken the basic course. Pincus intimated that sometimes, exceptions are made, especially when sign-ups are slim. In this case, there were just two pairs in the class, allowing for plenty of time to burn ammo.
Rob Pincus calls out “threats” and instruction from atop the official PDN truck. (Photo: Team HB)


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