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By Eve Flanigan

Practicing one-handed shooting safely is of paramount tactical importance. Many shooters reflexively engage a threat one-handed, so why not practice and master it? (Photo: Team HB)
One-handed handgun shooting is a technique I use often and teach early on with new shooters. When training with the intent to be handy with a pistol for defensive shooting, there are lots of reasons to make friends with single-handed fire.
For starters, I’ve seen firsthand that people tend to draw and fire with one hand, without giving it much thought, when surprised by a threat. Knowing this, it’s logical and responsible to practice a technique that increases the likelihood that shots will impact as intended, and not angle off to the opposite side from the gun-wielding hand, as is the tendency of most untrained shooters using this technique.
Use of cover should be in the mental plan for defense when possible. Firing with only the hand that’s closest to the edge of cover can maximize the protection afforded by that barrier, especially where exposure of the head is concerned. If that means firing with the non-dominant hand, or as some call it, the other strong hand, then it’s a darn good idea to practice that way.


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