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By Eve Flanigan

“Millennials” fear failure like…. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)
First of a two-part series
It’s become a semi-common occurrence: a young-ish person, age 32 or less, inquires about training, or even goes through my state’s somewhat troublesome process to obtain a concealed carry permit. In the brief taste of range work that they get, excitement lights up their eyes, and they express a wish to do more in some way. Some are interested in trying more guns. Some talk of how nice it would be to get friends together for a shooting session. Some just say it was more fun than they expected.
And then, the light in their eyes fades to a downcast gaze. What comes next is an excuse about not being good enough. Sometimes, that excuse is passed to me from a parent or spouse when I ask why so-and-so didn’t show up for training like they said they wanted to.
These familiar responses are, by and large, limited to the under-32 set. Sure, economic challenges exist as a barrier for some, but for many, the prevailing reasoning is fear of so-called failure. No one is a born shooter, and even the Rob Leathams and Kim Rhodes of this planet have to practice


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