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By Don Summers

In this segment, we re-visit with Charlie Hursh — a competitive shooter who applies his skills to his EDC — to hear the benefits of training and attending matches at the International Defensive Pistol Association.
Hursh, who started shooting competitively about four years ago, said the sport encouraged him to seriously consider carrying a concealed handgun. “If I’m going to take on the responsibility of carrying a firearm, not only do I want to know all I can about the legal aspects of using deadly force, but I want to be able to increase my proficiency and have confidence to know that if I ever do have to use my firearm in a confrontation, I’m able to do it effectively under pressure,” he said.
Portrait of Charlie Hursh. (Photo: Don Summers/
Hursh said he loves training with the IDPA because their focus really is on concealed carry and practical applications for shooting in various settings. “You get to recreate real world examples of self-defense situations,” he said. “I’ve shot from cars in a simulated carjacking. I’ve shot in low light situations as if sleeping in bed and there’s an intruder. I’ve even shot in a canoe that was constructed and supported on a metal


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