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By Eve Flanigan

DOPE tablet at my side, I dial the scope for the distance of the upcoming target. (Photo: Team HB)
Recently I had to good fortune to participate in three days of the five-day Precision Rifle Fighter X curriculum provided by STA Training Group, led by Jerod Johnson of Scottsdale, Arizona. This wasn’t my first class with STA, and I knew the former Marine scout sniper and industry expert would lay down some challenging exercises.
The class was held at Felix Canyon Ranch, a historic working ranch and long range shooting and hunting facility in New Mexico. Conditions were typical for July, which is to say hot, dry, and sometimes blustery.
Here are seven lessons that reign prominent in my memories of the class.
Lesson 1: Purchase the full version of your ballistic app, or be frustrated and frustrating in your work.
Seriously, just do it. The nine shooters in the class had a variety of apps including Shooter, Strelok Pro, Sig, and Applied Ballistics. My free version of Strelok lacked a match with the reticle inside the Bushnell LTRSi 3-12x 44mm scope I got to use for this event. A Kestrel weather reader will make a handy partner to give real-time feedback on wind and


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