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By Dave Bahde

Follow Through Consulting

Follow Through Consulting

During the past 10 years, I’ve traveled the country attending various training courses involving every firearm you might field on duty or in a self-defense role (and a few you wouldn’t). The instructors included combat veterans, longtime officers, world-class competitors and a few folks working with some of the most elite foreign military and anti-terrorist units. I’ve attended major academies and local training entities alike. So I’ve developed a broad understanding of what is taught and who teaches it. This gives me some healthy skepticism, especially because you can’t walk a block without tripping over a dozen “expert instructors” these days.

But Buck Doyle of Follow Through Consulting is different. It’d be hard to find someone with more “been there, done that” experience, and he lives what he teaches—techniques he used in combat and taught to those fighting abroad today. I’ve seen him do so with military and police units who will only train with him. He teaches the same concepts to his family on the range and during a hunt. He even serves as an adviser on movie sets. But he …Read the Rest

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