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By Antonia Okafor

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Surprise, surprise: Democrats are using an absolute tragedy for their own gain and personal agenda. This time, instead of calling for a sit-in like colleague Representative Lewis constructed just a couple of weeks ago, Representative Butterfield is calling for the for Republicans to stop “refusing to address the gun violence in America”.

He goes on in his usual race-baiting way, sighting, “The Republicans in Congress are refusing to address gun violence in America that targets black men and black women and Hispanic men and Hispanic women and, yes, even police officers.”

Excuse me while I call foul on the fact that you obviously just happened to add the words, “police officers” to your speech. When we all know you would have called for “an end to gun violence” through means of gun control, with or without the help of this senseless massacre of my hometown’s men and women, in uniform. The ones that have served and protected me, my family and my community

Butterfield drivels on,

We need legislative action now. We don’t need to leave the Hill this week or any week without assuring the American people that we understand the problem of police misconduct in America. We understand the …Read the Rest

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